Summer Research

Are you ready to discover firsthand how research contributes to the advancement of student knowledge, helping you gain skills to advance your career? Studies indicate that students who engage in undergraduate research are twice as likely to graduate and five times more likely to go on to graduate school. Plus, they are prepared to have more successful careers after graduation.

The following online undergraduate courses are a great place to get started on your journey! Additonally, make sure you talk to your academic advisor about earning research credits within your department. 

  • GS 19501 — Preparing for your Undergraduate Research Experience
  • GS 29501 — Understanding Your Undergraduate Research Experience I
  • GS 39501 — Understanding Your Undergraduate Research Experience II

Summer Stay Scholars 

Summer Stay Scholars is an on-campus summer scholarship program for undergraduate students at Purdue that combines coursework with a research or internship experience. If you are selected for Summer Stay Scholars, you will receive up to $2,500 toward your estimated summer cost of attendance not already covered by other gift aid. A $2,500 scholarship would cover tuition for a resident student and offer a sizable financial benefit for nonresident and international students.

Other Research Opportunities

Make sure to visit the Office of Undergraduate Research to learn more about other research opportunities in place to benefit Purdue students.