Summer Financial Aid

We're making summer education at Purdue more affordable — with over $4 million in financial aid available for students. Be sure to apply for summer aid through your myPurdue portal and submit your application before March 1.

We also have several scholarships available to students currently enrolled. Information about each opportunity is detailed below. 

Summer Stay Scholars

Summer Stay Scholars (up to $2,500) — This program combines a research or internship experience with summer courses. The opportunity is available to current students with a GPA of at least 2.00.

Summer Internship Plus

Summer Internship Plus (up to $1,000) — This opportunity is available to students who are completing credits alongside a summer internship experience. 

Summer Finish

Summer Finish (up to $500) — This opportunity is open to seniors who graduate during August rather than wait until December. 

Housing Scholarships

A limited number of housing scholarships are available to homeless students and students who have experienced foster care. If you would like to apply for one of these opportunities, please email us.

Other Financial Aid

A student may receive up to the equivalent of six full-time years of Federal Pell Grants. Visit the Federal Pell Grant website to learn more.

Subsidized loans are determined by "years," not "terms," and eligible students get six years of federally subsidized direct loans. Students may receive unsubsidized federal loans until they borrow their federal aggregate loan limit or until they reach the satisfactory academic progress maximum time frame.

Any questions can be directed to the Division of Financial Aid at Purdue.

You can visit the Office of the Bursar for current tuition and fee rates. Did you know that in the summer you pay the same amount for taking six credit hours as you pay for taking nine credits?