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Teaching at Purdue? We're here for you.

We help you use evidence-based pedagogy and technology to engage your students in transformative learning.

Whatever your teaching and learning needs are, the Innovative Learning Team provides resources for teaching Purdue courses in any modality.


Transform Your Online Teaching

Are you thinking about moving your courses to an online format? Are you already teaching online and looking for additional ways to engage your students? PoRTAL can help you improve your knowledge and skills as you seek to develop your online courses. Topics include: instructor strategies, course enhancement, pedagogy, active learning, sample tools, and policies.

Engaging Students

Early Feedback

Research has shown that collecting and responding to student feedback early in the semester significantly improves teaching and helps to motivate and engage students.

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Global Learning

Optimize and transform classroom teaching and learning by integrating global issues, activities, and experiences into class content and learning objectives.

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Enhancing Accessibility


Purdue University is committed to creating a campus that is fully accessible to all and to eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities. Purdue strives to provide all people the opportunity to participate and benefit from all university offerings including: employment; education; and public service pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA).

Leading the Way

Meet the Team

Through a team approach, the Innovative Learning Team (ILT) provides a wealth of support for Purdue instructors. ILT supports faculty with resources, workshops, and individual consultations. Whether you are already teaching an online course, or you are interested in joining your colleagues in creating an online class, or bringing digital technology into real-world learning spaces, we are here to assist you in your endeavor.