About Winter Session

Winter Session is an innovative opportunity for undergraduate students to take asynchronous online classes, study abroad, or study away during the three weeks between the fall and spring semesters. 

What are the benefits of winter coursework?

  • Graduate early - Taking classes during winter session might help you graduate faster. Taking 3 credits during winter and 9 credits over the summer will allow you to complete 12 extra credits per year! Talk with your academic advisor to see if graduating early is a possibility.
  • Explore the world - Studying abroad over winter session can allow you to gain global experience and earn credit. An online Program Search is available.
  • Lighten your spring courseload - If your fall semester seems overwhelming, taking up to 3 credits this winter and reducing your spring course load may help you focus on challenging coursework.
  • Learn a new skill or explore your interests - Winter is the perfect time to take classes of interest that don't fit your schedule well during the fall and spring semesters.  
  • Reduced cost - If your major typically charges a differential fee, it will not be charged for winter coursework. Standard per-credit tuition or fees apply.
    • Total Resident - $ 347.85 per credit - $1043.55 per course
    • Total Nonresident - $ 948.30 per credit - $2844.90 per course
    • Total International - $ 1,018.30 per credit - $3054.90 per course
    • Visit the Office of the Bursar to learn more about tuition for online courses and Study Abroad to learn about program costs.

Important Dates

Questions? Contact us at wintersession@purdue.edu