This is a dynamic, frequently asked questions (FAQs) page about Winter Session. FAQs may change as new questions are submitted. 

Student FAQs

How many credit hours can I complete during Winter Session?

Students may complete up to 3 credit hours during Winter Session.  The available courses can be found here.

If additional courses are needed to graduate early, please view 2nd half 8-week courses for the Fall semester. And please speak with your academic advisor to confirm they fit with your study of plan.

Where can I find registration dates related to the Winter Session? When is the last day to add or drop a class?

Registration starts September 11, 2023. View your Registration Time Ticket

What is the cost for a Winter Session class, and when is payment due?

Per credit tuition and fee rates apply for online classes during Winter Session; however, there is no differential fee. 

  • Total Resident - $ 347.85 per credit - $1043.55 per course
  • Total Nonresident - $ 948.30 per credit - $2844.90 per course
  • Total International - $ 1,018.30 per credit - $3054.90 per course

Visit the Office of the Bursar's website to learn more about the rates and fees for Winter 2023-2024. (Scroll to the bottom of the page and multiply the tuition amount by 3 for three-credit courses).

Tuition and fees for Winter Session are due by the first day of Spring term classes, January 8, 2024. 

Study Abroad and Study Away program deposits and trip amounts vary and are due before departure.

I need a statement showing my winter charges. How can I get this?

You can obtain a statement showing your winter term charges on your myPurdue. 

Follow these steps:

  • Login to your myPurdue
  • Select ‘Bills & Payments’
  • Select ‘View My Balance’
  • Select ‘Create New Statement Here’ & select the Term ‘Winter 2023’
I have financial aid for the Winter Session. Why can’t I see my financial aid under my Winter Account Activity or my Winter statement?

Financial Aid that applies to Winter Term Charges will be processed under the Spring Term and will show under your Spring Activity and on your Spring e-statement. 

For more information, visit the Winter Session Financial Aid website or email facontact@purdue.edu and
please include your name and PUID.

What resources will be available to me during Winter Session?

Please visit the Student Resources page to see what offices will be open over Winter Recess.

I don't have reliable internet access at home. Can I live on campus over Winter Break?

Winter Break housing has traditionally been available at Purdue. Please visit the University Residences website for more information. 

What do I do if I need to drop my winter class?

Before Classes Start: If a student needs to drop their course before Winter Session begins, please go to your Scheduling Assistant on myPurdue and drop the course through that process.

After Classes Start: Students withdrawing from their winter course assignments after classes have begun should go to myPurdue, Registration tab, and look for Withdraw Information for Winter 2023.

The last day to drop a course is Wednesday, January 3. Courses dropped between Tuesday, December 19 and Wednesday, January 3 will be recorded with a grade of "W."

Please refer to the Add/Drop information and the Percentage of Fees & Tuition chart

When do I graduate if my last class is during the winter session?

If the student is taking classes that need to be counted as part of their plan of study during the winter session, they will only be eligible to participate in the May commencement or any future summer/fall commencements.

I attend college at a different university. Can I take classes during Winter Session?

Unfortunately, students cannot apply for non-degree/visiting admission for Winter Session. Non-degree students who have taken coursework during the prior summer or fall semesters would be eligible to take classes.

Staff and Advisor FAQs

Is there additional information for Academic Advisors?

Please refer to the Winter Session Overview Handout for additional details and a link to the Winter Session Information and Q&A presentation.

Can Fee Remission be used for Winter Session?

Yes, Fee Remission can be used for Winter Session. Please visit the Staff Fee Remission website for more information.

If you have additional questions, please email the Bursar Office at askbursar@purdue.edu

Will I be required to work during Winter Recess?

No, only select staff will be needed to operate the essential functions of Winter Session. Winter Recess will remain in place for faculty and staff. The university will be officially closed from December 22, 2023 through January 1, 2024.

Please refer to the Winter Recess FAQs document from Human Resources (announced during the fall semester) to learn more about working over Winter Recess. View University Holidays.

Faculty FAQs

How can my class be considered for Winter Session?

Please get in touch with your department head for more information about the coursework offered during the Winter Session.

How will I be paid for teaching during Winter Session?

Since the session occurs while contracts are in place, instructors will be paid via overloads. Please contact your department head for more information on your unit's compensation structure. 

Can I receive assistance with course design? 

Please visit the Innovative Learning Team website to learn more about course design assistance. 

Are there any dates I should consider when developing a Winter Session class?

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day will be recognized as official holidays and any additional dates designated by the Office of the President. No assignments should be due on these dates.

What modalities can I consider for a Winter Session class?

Courses may be offered via asynchronous online instruction, study away, or study abroad.

Can my class start early or end late?

Winter Session online courses must be contained within the term (December 18, 2023 - January 5, 2024).