Crafting within and across life domains

Louis Tay

Dr. Louis Tay, Steps to Leaps Research Collaborative member.

While past work on well-being suggests that circumstances can shape well-being, more recent research is now suggesting that it is also important for people to play an active role in shaping both work and non-work experiences to achieve greater well-being. This idea of actively shaping one's time and behaviors at work and play is called "crafting". When we are able to craft our lives to meet our basic physical and psychological needs, we can achieve greater levels of well-being. In particular, it is important to pay attention to what needs are being met at work and non-work. For instance, being in a sedentary role at work may require one to craft greater physical activity during leisure time. Or, finding less meaning at work may be offset by engaging in more meaningful volunteering activities off-work.


de Bloom, J., Vaziri, H., Tay, L., & Kujanpää, M. (2020). An identity-based integrative needs model of crafting: Crafting within and across life domains. Journal of Applied Psychology, 105(12), 1423–1446.