Security Forms

The forms used in Purdue Systems Security are listed below for ease of locating.  

Account Requests

Account Setup Reset Application

The Account Setup Reset Application grants authorized Purdue IT support staff the ability to issue a career account setup password to an individual so they may set up their Purdue Career Account. Once issued, the setup password is then used by the individual to set up their Purdue Career Account using the Career Account Setup Application.

To request access, please complete the Account Setup Reset Form. 

Departmental Duo Administrator Request Form

To apply to become a departmental administrator, please complete the Duo Administrator Request Form.  

Guest Access Application

The Guest Access Application provides authorized IT support staff the ability to create short-term computer access for guests of Purdue University. A guest of the university may use this account to access resources such as Purdue AirLink (PAL), the campus wireless service, and other IT resources.

To request access to the Guest Account Application, please complete the following form: Guest Account Request Form. 


If your application cannot support CAS or SAML, and the application is hosted on a Purdue network, we can offer LDAP. 

Click to learn more about IAMO LDAP Authentication Service.

To request access to the IAMO LDAP authentication service, you will first need to fill out a LDAP Request Form between your group and the IAMO. Please fill out section VII Client Definitions: section A, VIII Signatures: section A and IX Appendix A: sections A, B, C D and E. In section C, make sure you check LDAP authentication. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Request for Security Exception Form

Submit the request for exception form.  It is important that you provide detailed information in your request, including your identification of risks and costs.  You will be required to meet with the IT Purdue Systems Security (PSS) Senior Team to discuss your request.  This group may recommend that other areas such as Data Steward(s) and/or Internal Audit review certain decisions.

Requesting CAS Access

To obtain access to the Purdue IAMO CAS Server, you will first need to fill out a with Single Sign-on Request Form ( between your group and the IAMO. Please complete the on-line Docusign form. Once completed, it will be routed for approvals. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. 


Purdue runs a Shibboleth SAML Identity Provider (IdP). Deployment details and how to request access can be found here. Our IdP uses CAS for its authentication, so the user experience is equivalent to CAS, there's just a few extra browser redirects going on under the covers.  

Once approved, IAMO will authorize your web application server (Shibboleth service provider) to access the Purdue Shibboleth Identity Provider server and receive the requested attributes.

Vendor Security Questionnaire

To protect Purdue University IT Resources and Information Assets, all new purchases of IT software, applications, or cloud services for use by the University must undergo a security review prior to purchase to identify any risks that software or service presents to these resources. Download the Vendor Security Questionnaire form from the New IT Solutions and Services Review page.