Security Officers

The Purdue Security Officers Working Group is comprised of one representative from each of Purdue's 30 IT areas and provides technical input and leadership for the SecurePurdue program. The Chief Information Security Officer serves as a facilitator for the group.

The group is responsible for technical coordination of security activities across the Purdue University campuses. This group works in conjunction with ITaP Security and Policy (ITSP) to develop University-wide policies and programs to ensure continued IT security at Purdue. The activities of the group include developing policies, collaborating on ideas and initiatives to strengthen the IT security environment, and communicating within all campus IT groups. Members of the group will also be actively involved in creating new policies, creating new standards, developing new security tools and techniques, and coordinating University-wide communication and training initiatives in basic security practices.

Updated: 5/25/2022


Advancement: Ian Karns,

Agriculture, Genomics: Kirby Kalbaugh,

Athletics: Wesley Shoop,

Business Services: Vacant

CERIAS: Adam Hammer,

Discovery Park, Engineering, Technology, VP of Research: Dave Carmichael,, Mike Moya,

Education: Bob Evans,

Grad School: Don Brier,

Health and Human Sciences: Andrew Beal,, Tony Klassen,

Internal Audit: Wendi Johnston,

IT Infrastructure Systems: Brad Peart,, Justin McIntyre,

IT Process Management: Brian Berndt,

IT Research Computing: Zach Weidner,

IT Teaching and Learning Technologies: Evan Tragesser,, Jason Fish,

Liberal Arts: Jess Maynard,

Libraries: Jayson Belec,

Management: Jeff Ello,

Pharmacy: Jeff Rattray,

Purdue University Fort Wayne Campus: Mandi Witkovsky,, Stanley Shannon,, John Weis,

Purdue University Northwest Campus: Marjan Sitnikoski,,

Purdue Research Foundation: Ed Johnson,, Tom Long,

Science: Dan Trinkle,, Nishant Rao,

Space Management and Academic Scheduling: Vacant

Student Services: Mike Budzik,

Veterinary Medicine: Dennis Barnett,