Identity and Access

Purdue Career Account

Your Purdue Career Account (PCA) gives you electronic access to a number of services at Purdue University. From access to your email account to computer lab access, your PCA gives you access to a variety of services including email, instructional, ResNet, research, and departmental use. Some services are enabled based on a specific affiliation with Purdue. For example, currently registered students taking courses in a given semester are eligible to use the on-campus computer labs.

Web Page and Application Authentication

The Identity and Access Management Office (IAMO) facilitates several options that provide a means for services and applications to authenticate Purdue faculty, staff, and students using their Purdue Career Account. Please see the Web Page and Application Authentication page for additional information on available services. 

Guest Access Application

The Guest Access Application provides authorized Information Technology support staff the ability to create short-term computer access accounts for guests of Purdue University. A guest of the University may use this account to access resources such as Purdue AirLink (PAL), the campus wireless service, and other IT resources. Request access to this application so you can build this account.

Account Setup Reset Application

The Account Setup Reset Application grants authorized Purdue Information Technology support staff the ability to issue a career account setup password to an individual so they may run the Purdue Career Account setup. This setup can also be used by a person who has forgotten their password and wants to reset the password.

Purdue and the InCommon Service — A Web Single Sign-On Service Using Shibboleth Open Source Software

The Identity and Access Management Office (IAMO) offers a web single sign-on service using Shibboleth open source software. The Purdue Shibboleth implementation uses CAS for user authentication, and it provides information about the authenticated user (referred to as attributes) for use by a web application. Purdue is a member of the InCommon Federation. To learn more about this offering, please visit the InCommon Service Page.

Purdue Career Account: Secure Purdue Token — BoilerKey

The BoilerKey is a convenient means of significantly improving the security of protected computer systems. The BoilerKey is a small electronic device that displays a series of six digits that change every 60 seconds. A personal identification number, combined with the six digits, are used in place of a password to gain access to computer applications and systems. To learn more about this offering, please visit the BoilerKey page.

Door Access Application

The IAMO Door Access Application provides a mechanism to automate the provisioning of door access on campus. Working with the Card Services Office, ID card swipe access to various doors on campus is automatically managed based on current, offical University data. Since access is driven from current, offical University data, door access is automatically removed once someone leaves Purdue.

The process also allows employees to be manually added to a given door. Once added, these manual additions are also transmitted electronically to the Card Service Office.

For further information about the Door Access Application, please contact the IAMO team.

InCommon Certificate Service

The InCommon Certificate Service provides unlimited SSL, EV, personal signing, encryption, and code-signing PKI certificates for Purdue University needs.

More information can be found at the IAMO InCommon Certificate Service page.

Student Organization Accounts

Like faculty, staff, and students, all student organizations recognized by Purdue University can request a Purdue career account. To learn more about this offering, please visit the Student Organization Account page.