When You Travel

What to do when traveling

Note: IT assumes that Purdue business travelers who take their computers with them are using notebook computers, because only notebook computers are small enough to take on board public transportation systems safely.

  1. When traveling, carry your notebook computer with you at all times. Do not check it with luggage or leave it in a hotel or a car. These are not secure locations. If you cannot follow these precautions, then do not take your computer.
  2. Always use the VPN system when logging in to Purdue networks.
  3. If you log in to your computer in an unsecure place (such as a public area), change your password once you have returned to the safety of a secure location.


  1. Never use free kiosks or internet café computers to log in to Purdue accounts.
  2. Never log in to Purdue accounts without using VPN.
  3. Never leave your computer unattended.