Alertus Desktop Client Information

In partnership with Environmental Health and Public Safety, Purdue makes available the Alertus Desktop client software that allows University-supported workstations to receive Purdue Alerts via a desktop pop-up alert service. In the event of a campus emergency, a pop-up alert screen will notify you. Note that you must be logged in to a University-supported workstation to receive these desktop pop-up alerts.

IT administrators that are interested in deploying the Alertus Desktop software and participating in SMARTComputing should use SCCM to deploy the software. For areas not participating in SMARTComputing, IT administrators can download the software installation package from the Desktop Readiness website: OnePurdue Desktop Readiness.

Note:The Alertus Desktop client is only available for installation on University-supported workstations.

Testing The Alertus Desktop Client

The Identity and Access Management Office (IAMO) can assist you with testing your desktop client(s) running Alertus.

To schedule a test, please send the following information to

  1. The name(s) and IP address(es) of the desktop(s) you wish to receive a test alert.
  2. The date and time you wish to have the alert sent.