Report Security Incident

All users of Purdue's Information Technology (IT) Resources are expected to immediately report abuse or a suspected security compromise of those resources.

To report abuse of Purdue's IT Resources, please fill out and submit the online incident report formOnce submitted, all users are expected to monitor for communications from Purdue Systems Security or Purdue IT Service Desk personnel until the incident is considered resolved.

An IT security incident is any activity involving Purdue IT Resources that:

  • violates the law
  • constitutes harassment
  • violates regulatory requirements
  • violates Purdue policy
  • compromises University data, or that of any person
  • involves the unexpected disruption of University services

It is an IT security incident if someone:

  • Hacks a Purdue IT system
  • Uses Purdue IT resources to hack into any non-University computer system
  • Uses Purdue IT resources (such as email) to harass or threaten someone
  • Accesses your computer or your data stored on Purdue IT resources without permission or authority
  • Violates any state, federal, or local law or regulation using Purdue IT resources

What to do when you suspect a security incident:

If you suspect that the incident might constitute a crime:

  1. Call your local police department to report the crime.
  2. Do not delete offending email from your computer until you have contacted your local police and they instruct you to do so.

If you want to report inappropriate or objectionable email, or SPAM email, received at a account, please forward the email to and include the full headers of the email with your report.

If you wish to report fraudulent or dishonest activity on the part of University employees, officers, or business contacts, please visit

Regional campus incidents can be reported through their pertinent customer service centers:

University police telephone numbers for Purdue University campuses are listed below:

  • West Lafayette campus, 765-494-8221
  • Northwest Hammond campus, 219-989-2220
  • Northwest Westville Campus, 219-785-5220
  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus, 317-274-2058
  • Purdue University Ft. Wayne campus, 260-481-6827