Welcome to PSS Cybersecurity Awareness, where we aim to teach and train faculty, staff, and students about ongoing cybersecurity threats that impact Purdue University. Consider this page as your central hub for awareness resources!


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PSS Cybersecurity Awareness Welcomes Fall 2023 Students:

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PNW: Fall 2023 Welcome Rallies
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PNW: Fall 2023 Welcome Rallies
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PWL: Boiler Gold Rush
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PFW Mastodon Open House
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PFW Mastodon Open House
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Phishing Booth at PMU
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Phishing Booth at PMU

PSS Cybersecurity Awareness discuss cyber threats at HHS Extension Conference

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  • Implement Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security.
  • Verify all client requests directly and ask relevant questions.
  • Adhere to strict identification and verification processes.
  • Stay alert for suspicious links, verbiage, or action buttons.
  • Hover over questionable links to verify the true destination.
  • Be aware of cloned websites and ensure secure websites start with HTTPS.
  • Regularly check email filters for suspicious activities.
  • Report any suspicious emails using the 'Report Message' function in Outlook or by emailing
  • Contact the IT Customer Service Center at 765-494-4000 or if you or someone you know falls victim to a phishing attack.

Some helpful videos:

Importance of strong passwords:
Protect yourself from spam messages:


Current Cybersecurity News

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