Participant Information


Required Forms

The following forms must be completed and submitted each year.

Email completed to K-12 Outreach.


Key Procedures

  • Only trained teachers, whose participation has been paid for, are allowed to use Science Express equipment.
  • Science Express cost $500 per teacher per year. No school pays more than $2000.


Ordering Procedures

  • No equipment requests will be taken before August 1st. Equipment deliveries will begin mid-August.
  • Invoices will be sent out late August/early September, please feel free to order equipment before your school has paid. When ordering equipment, first check the schedule to make sure it is available. Also, be as specific as you can about what equipment you want (i.e. old vs. new scalars).
  • Place equipment requests at least a week before delivery. 
  • If another trained teacher at your school wishes to use equipment that you already have they need to email and tell what labs they are performing and how many students will use the equipment.


Delivery Procedures

  • No equipment will be delivered to a teacher for whom we do not have a Statement of Assurance signed by the teacher and a principal on file.
  • Deliveries and pick-ups have to be scheduled on days when your school is in session.
  • Take a few minutes when the equipment is delivered and after you are done with it make sure everything is packaged correctly and visibly looks to be in good working order.
  • You need to set up and put away the equipment instead of the students or a teacher’s aide.
  • If equipment cannot be delivered as scheduled due to weather, the delivery will fall to the next day.


Most Common Equipment Mishaps

  • If you have any problems with equipment, big or small, please notify via email.
  • Be sure to remove all cuvettes from Specs 20’s, UV/vis, and turbidity sensors before they are picked up.
  • On scalars be sure that all shields are placed in their correct spots before the machines are picked up.
  • Radiation sources must be locked up when not in use, even during a passing period. Each time they are used there needs to be a sign-out sheet showing which students had which sources.
  • Liquid nitrogen- NOTHING is to be placed or dipped into the large 30L dewar.