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Professional Development

2024 Summer Science Middle School PD

The format will be a little different this year and we hope it brings more teachers to the PD.  We will be conducting the PD virtual on Wednesdays from 1-3 P.M. eastern time.  

The dates of the PD will be June 5, 12, 26, and July 10, 17, 24, and 31.

The overarching theme will be Exploring Our Universe.  

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Solar Eclipse (Summer 2023) PDs

In summer 2023 we will have three teacher professional development workshops. All of these will be related to the solar eclipse. 

Recorded Virtual PD Sessions

We have a variety of recorded professional development sessions that you can watch to gain valuable information related to classroom teaching. Many of these are the session content that we have presented at conferences (no fee or travel required). The playlist can be found on our Superheroes of Science YouTube channel. 

K-12 STEM Virtual Open Conference

STEM Open Conference is a virtual conference to learn about teaching coding in the classroom. These 'sessions' are open to view anytime. 


On-Campus Programs

Hands-on Lab Experiences for Middle and High School Classes

Teachers can bring classes to the West Lafayette campus to participate in labs instructed by Purdue faculty, staff, and graduate students. These sessions take place in our updated K-12 Outreach lab space, located in the Brown Laboratory of Chemistry.


Lesson Plans and Resources

STEM Career Repository

Looking for College and Career Readiness? This page has resources to help teachers enlighten students about various careers in  STEM fields. It includes a repository of different videos by professionals searchable by keyword. We also have a link to STEM Career highlights. Which is a page of student handouts about some selected careers in STEM. 

Science Demonstrations

A collection of science demonstrations that can be done in the classroom or viewed online. This repository includes a short video of each demonstration. A separate video includes an explanation of the science behind each demo and set-up tips for doing them on your own.


Middle and High School Labs and Resources

Lesson plans for laboratory activities that can be taught in person or assigned to students to complete virtually. A variety of resources are provided for each lesson to support instruction.


Understand Your Learning Questions

 "What should my chemistry students know before they get to college?" Are you a high school chemistry teacher? Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Hannah Starr and graduate students Hailey Hiatt and Caroline Sorrells, Superheroes of Science has created a playlist with the goals to both make chemistry more accessible and help prepare students for Purdue University collegiate level chemistry. Videos include step-by-step guides for solving general chemistry problems.


Science Shorts

This is a growing collection of (1-minute or under) science shorts. They are sorted by general content and can be used as phenomena, bell ringers, engagements, or assigned to students to show concepts.

Science from the Experts

Interviews with STEM professionals highlighting content from their field of expertise, as well as various career opportunities.

Lockbox Lessons and Resources

Lesson plans for escape room type activities that can be completed using simple materials that are probably already on hand in the classroom.


K-12 STEM Degrees

This enrichment program consists of 10 videos (3-5 minutes) for each level, and includes assessments. Students have the option to complete a quiz at the end of each video where they will earn a code. Collect 10 codes and be eligible to earn a ‘degree’ from Purdue Science. This program can be completed individually by students, or together as a class.  There are many new degrees in development.


Lessons for High School Chemistry

Chemistry I lesson plans.

Saturday Morning Astrophysics Lessons

Google Drive consists of middle and high school lesson plans. 

Physics Inside Out Lessons

Google Drive consists of middle school lesson plans.


Equipment Based Labs

Teacher developed high school lessons written for use with various lab equipment. 


Purdue University Superheroes of Science


Departmental Outreach Pages

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