K-12 Students

Programs You Can Do Online

Elementary Kids STEM Degree

This enrichment program consists of 10 videos (3-5 minutes) for each level. Students, complete a quiz at the end of each video where you will earn a code. Collect all 10 codes and be eligible to earn a ‘degree’ from Purdue Science. You may complete this program by yourself or with your class. 


Elementary Conservation Challenge

Are you an elementary student interested in learning about protecting the environment? This challenge is for you! Check out a collection of videos to learn about topics like water, fall colors, and recycling. There is an option to enter answers to submit challenge questions to an online form.


Earth, Space, Weather, and Climate Passport 

It will be a big task traveling the world of science! However, if you can travel to each of the areas and complete the activities, you can earn your honorary “EAPS Scientist” certificate!


Wonders on the Wabash 

If you can't float down the Wabash and learn about the exciting things on the way, then watch these videos! They will teach you about all kinds of science related to water, water quality, and the ecosystem. 


Farm Education Conservation Camp

You may not be able to visit all kinds of farms in person. However, you can learn about them! This virtual camp experience provides a collection of educational videos to learn about midwestern habitats, animal adaptations, watersheds, soil, crops, UAV's and much more!


Saturday Morning Astrophysics

Saturday Morning Astrophysics at Purdue (SMAP) is a program offered monthly for middle and high school students in grades 7-12. We dive into current topics in astro research, historical background and discovery, and fundamental principles related to physics and astronomy, at grade appropriate levels.


Events on Purdue's Campus

Physics Inside Out

Physics Inside Out (PIO) is a five-day on-campus summer program open to incoming grade 7 and 8 students

Hands-on Purdue

Are you a middle school or high school student? Would you like to visit Purdue's campus and do a lab with Professors, Outreach Coordinators, and Purdue students? Have your teacher contact us to schedule a visit. 


Departmental Outreach Pages