Why Science at Purdue?

Behind the innovations that change our world, you'll find Purdue scientists.

From forces of nature to the Internet of Things, our scientists strive to understand how it all works and create knowledge that leads to innovation.

Purdue scientists have made a difference in the history of discovery and invention. Small steps to giant leaps, it's a place where faculty and students work together to resolve some of the world's toughest challenges.

At Purdue, you can work with and learn from researchers who are combating infectious diseases, exploring life on Mars, searching for dark matter, refining artificial intelligence or unraveling climate change.

The broad scope of science at Purdue is our strength. Whatever your interest, we have you covered. Choose from majors in the life sciences, physical sciences, computational sciences, mathematics, and data science.

Join a learning community to live and study with other students with the same goals and interests. Participate in research and internships, study abroad and learn beyond the classroom to develop the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that graduate schools and employers look for.

Within the first six months after graduation, 90% of our students are employed or in grad school. They work in industry, tech firms, research facilities, space programs, higher-ed and professional careers like engineering, law and medicine.

Purdue's College of Science is a welcoming community of learners all working together to take the next giant leap.

It's a place where what if becomes why not.

So why not take your next step and get to know Purdue's College of Science.