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Science Demonstrations

This page is a collection of science demonstrations we have done to use how you see fit in your instruction. We hold no responsibility for injuries due to someone attempting to do one of the demonstrations themselves.  Please use all typical lab safety and special precautions for individual demos if you attempt to perform a demo.

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Visualizing the Ideal Gas Law

You might know that the Ideal Gas Law tells us that when the pressure goes up the temperature will too. This video consists of two simple demonstrations visualizing this effect.

Vortex Cannon

From trash can to vortex cannon: toroidal vortex

Understanding Resonance and Beat Frequencies

Full Demo: Two identical wooden boxes, open at one end, have identical tuning forks attached at the center of the top of the box. When the tuning fork is struck, the sound is amplified by the resonance occurring in the box. When one box is placed such that its opening is a few centimeters from the other?s opening, striking one tuning fork sets up a sympathetic vibration in the other

Why Do Tibetan Singing Bowls Sing?

Full Demo: The sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl is created by the vibration of the metal. The method is similar to that of playing a crystal glass by running a finger along the rim.

Cloud in a Bottle

Teacher Edition: How does a cloud form? Can I make a cloud? A quick look into the conditions needed for cloud formation.

Hoot Tubes

Full Video: When a wire mesh inside of the tube is hot, the air closest to the mesh is heated and begins to rise due to convection. As long as the mesh is hot, air will continue to move through the tube like blowing air through a straw. The movement of air creates a standing wave inside of the tube. The wavelength of the standing wave is dictated by the length of the tube

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