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Patient Rights and Responsibilities


PUSH is dedicated to your health

We value your active participation in your health care and encourage you to know and exercise your rights and responsibilities.


As a patient at the Purdue University Student Health Center, you have the right to:

1. Be treated with courtesy and respect.

2. Be informed about your diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and process of recovery.

3. Get information about your care in your preferred language.

4. Get information in a manner that meets your needs, if you have vision, speech, hearing

or cognitive impairments.

5. Make decisions about your care.

6. Refuse care.

7. Know the names and titles of the caregivers who treat you.

8. Expect reasonable continuity of care.

9. Change providers when other qualified providers are available.

10. Safe care

11. Have your pain addressed

12. Care that is free from discrimination

13. Know when something goes wrong with your care

14. Get a list of your current medications

15. Be listened to

16. Have a personal representative (family member or friend) with you during your care.

17. Have a clinical advocate (PUSH employee) with you during your care to ensure your medial interaction is conducted with appropriate privacy and confidentiality protections.

18. Appropriate privacy for your care and personal health information (PHI)

19. Accurate information regarding the costs of your care and options regarding those costs,

based on available information.

20. File your advance directive at PUSH and know that the content will be respected.

21. File a grievance or complaint regarding the service and/or care at PUSH by contacting the

Patient Advocate (765.494.1700).

22. Provide feedback after each visit to the student Health Service.



As a patient at the Purdue University Student Health Center, you are a partner in your health

care. The responsibilities you have to participate actively in your care are:

1. Provide complete and accurate information about your health, health history, and all

allergies and sensitivities.

2. Tell your provider if you are not able or willing to follow the treatment plan prescribed

for you.

3. Actively participate in your treatment plan.

4. Tell your provider about any changes in your health status since your last visit.

5. Understand your financial responsibility for care provided at the Student Health Center.

6. Treat PUSH staff and other patients with respect and consideration

7. Keep your appointment; if you cannot keep your appointment notify us as early as

possible to allow another patient to be seen during this time.

8. Be honest and direct about everything related to your healthcare.

9. Understanding your overall health condition and your current condition. If you do not

understand your illness or treatment, please ask your provider.

10. Inform your provider about your living will, medical power of attorney or other advance

directive that may affect your care.

11. Inform the provider of the names and the uses of the medications you take, including

supplements and over-the-counter medications.