Insurance Group Plan Purchase Links

CF Travel Insured CFAR coverage is OPTIONAL and would be above and beyond the required Study Abroad/Domestic coverage.

Please note the timeline to insure your program for each option below.  Also note that this CFAR coverage reimburses up to 75% of non-refundable costs and you may cancel "for any reason" up to 2 days prior to program start date. 

* Please review policies carefully before final purchase.


Option #1 - The Deluxe Student Travel plan.

Only students participating in a departmental/faculty led program may choose this option for their registered group program. Please note that only the cost that is billed by Purdue and the dates of the program may be insured under this coverage.  If you wish to include additional non-refundable expenses (i.e. flights, etc.) or extend the dates outside of the standard program, you will need to pursue the individual coverage listed below in option #2.

Please note this coverage must be purchased with or before final program payment and you must insure the full cost of the program that is billed by Purdue.  You may find registration links and fee information listed on the spreadsheet for each term in the links below.

Deluxe Student Travel Plan Group Option / Plan document


Option #2 - The Standard Individual Plan.

Students may review this plan and make a determination on the type of coverage they may want to pursue including CFAR/IFAR coverage.  Students may cover all non-refundable expenses with this option (including airfare,and other out of pocket expenses that are not billed through Purdue). Please note that this coverage must be purchased within 21 days of paid deposit to program.