Selecting Your Program

Purdue Study Abroad offers over 400 programs in more than 50 countries.  To help you find a program that's right for you, we’ve created the following guide to our Program Search with explanations for each menu.  The more criteria you select, the narrower your search results will be.

You can access the Program Search now.  If you have questions after completing a search or would like to learn more about a program, consult this list of advising options.

Once you've found your top choice program, you can apply online through its webpage.  Before beginning an application, make sure you’ve reviewed the eligibility policies for study abroad.


You can search by country or region.  If you do not have a particular destination in mind, you can leave this section blank to see all options, and by default your results will be sorted alphabetically by country.


Our programs vary in length from a week to a full academic year.  We offer short-term programs that take place during the summer, spring break, or winter break, as well as long-term programs that cover one or two semesters. 

If you are looking for a semester program, consider whether you would prefer to go abroad in the spring or fall.  Due to differences in academic calendars around the world, some programs work best for Purdue students in one semester or the other, so the search allows you to specify.  If you are open to spring and fall programs, selecting the “Semester” option will bring up results for both.

For adventurous students, we also offer programs that cover two semesters!  Many returning students say they wish they had studied abroad longer, and the cultural immersion and cost effectiveness of a year-long program can be hard to beat. 

Students interested in summer opportunities often ask if they can search for Maymester programs.  We don’t categorize these separately from other summer programs, but it’s possible to search for programs beginning in May.  See “Program Start Month” below.

Language Offered / Required

Some of our programs have language requirements, and this will be indicated by a specific number of semesters you will need to have completed.  For example, if a program in France states that the language requirement is four semesters of French, you will need to have completed those semesters by the time of application.  High school language courses do not count.  Only transfer credits and courses taken at the university level will be accepted. 

Don’t want to participate in a program with a language requirement?  No problem!  We offer many programs without a foreign language prerequisite, including many in countries where English is not the most widely spoken language.  By selecting “NONE” from this menu, you can narrow your search to include only programs where you can get by without a second language and take a full course load in English.

The “Language Offered” option allows you to select a particular language you would like to study.  You can leave this blank if you do not wish to study a language.

School or College

In this section, you will select the school, college, or department from which you wish to receive credit.  You do not necessarily have to select your major as study abroad students can receive credit for courses in other departments.  For example, a Management student might want to study Spanish on a summer program.  In this case, they would select the College of Liberal Arts in order to view programs that are approved for Spanish.

Program Type

Different programs are designed differently, offering a variety of ways for students to experience, finance, and receive credit for their international study.

Do you want to strike out on your own and make new friends in another country, or would you prefer to travel with an instructor and tight-knit cohort of classmates from Purdue?  Would you rather plan your own adventures or take part in organized trips and activities?  Are you looking for a study experience similar to Purdue’s or total immersion in another academic culture?  How will cost, scholarships, and your student residency status factor into your program choice?

Depending on your answers, one type of program may be a better fit for you than another.  For more information about the options available, visit our Program Types webpage.

Course #

Each of our programs has an SA course number.  You can input that number here if you know it.  Otherwise, you can leave it blank and search all programs!

Program Start Month

Is there a particular month you would like to start your study abroad program?  You can search by that month if you would like to.  Please note that selecting some months could result in fewer program matches.