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Welcome to our video library!  Here you can find recordings of past webinars and virtual information sessions.

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Study Abroad 101 (06/12/2024)

About This Session
Interested in learning more about study abroad at Purdue? Then this is the video for you! Advisors will walk you through some of the basics and how to go about getting started, as well as share resources and information to help you start to discover where Purdue will take you.


Flying 101 - How to Book a Flight (03/08/2024)

About This Session

This session will cover how to book an international flight, including how to pay attention to specific details to avoid issues when flying. Great for anyone who has never booked a flight before, and those who just want a little more information to help them pick the best flight option.

Please note Zoom cut off the last few minutes of this presentation, which was inviting students to attend Flying 102 (which you can see as the next video below).


Flying 102 -Flying Internationally (03/08/2024)

About This Session

This session will cover what to expect when flying internationally, from arrival at the airport to landing at your final destination. You'll learn more about navigating the airport, layovers and what to expect during these, passport control and customs (and when to expect to go through these), and more!


LGBTQ+ Identities Abroad (3/4/2024)

About This Session

In this session, the Study Abroad Office partners with the LGBTQ Center to share information and resources for preparing to study abroad.

Preparing Mental Health for Study Abroad (12/5/2023)

About This Session

In this session, CAPS shared information about mental health resources on campus, and answered student questions about mental health in preparation for studying abroad.


Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience (9/6/2023)

About This Session

Back from study abroad and wondering how to leverage it into your job/internship/grad school applications? Join us to learn more about identifying skills and examples from study abroad that employers will care about and how you might want to incorporate your experience into your cover letter and resume.


How to Afford Study Abroad (8/9/2023)

About This Session

Want to study abroad, but not quite sure how to pay for it? Join us for this information session where we'll cover program costs, scholarships and financial aid, how to pick a cost-effective program, and ways to make programs more affordable.


How to Pick a Study Abroad Program (7/12/2023)

About This Session

Want to study abroad but not sure how to pick the right program for you? Join us as the study abroad advisors go over what to look for in a program, what you should think about when picking a program.