Students Applying to Study Abroad after their final Term/Graduation: Re-entry applicants

Students may participate in a study abroad program the term following their graduation except for winter session term. Winter session is only available for continuing students.

Please note that generally students are not eligible for federal financial aid if they have earned a degree - you should verify what your exact aid eligibility will be with DFA.  Students may still apply for the Purdue Moves Scholarship if they meet other eligibility requirements. Note: Purdue Moves Scholarship program ends in Summer 2024.

Re-entry application:

  1. Students need to log on to the application page on the admissions website at Purdue: 
  2. Scroll to the middle of the page and select “Re-entry Application”
  3. Select appropriate term and then either “Returning user” or “First time user”
  4.  Select either Create Application, or Start New application, and enter appropriate information
  5. Select “Start New Application” and ensure that you have selected the “Re-entry application”
  6.  Complete application as appropriate noting the following answers:
    • “Campus” – Main Campus – West Lafayette (PWL)
    • “Major/Program of Study”: Temporary Post-baccalaureate

 ** No application fee is required.

Please note the following:

  • Students may complete this re-entry application during their last semester at Purdue.
  • If students have not completed the re-entry application during their final term - Students will be able to register for their study abroad in next term (typically summer), although the Registrar will eventually cancel their registration because they will no longer have eligibility after graduation. Students will then need to complete the re-entry application in order to re-apply.