Insurance Matters

Study Abroad Insurance

Most students participating in a Purdue Study Abroad program will be enrolled in a mandatory Gallagher health insurance plan. Under this plan, students will automatically be covered for health, accident, emergency evacuation, and repatriation. Insurance coverage is mandatory, even if students are covered by another policy (on-site provider, host country or university).* See limited exceptions below.

You may review current year benefit plan and download the TravelEye mobile app to access medical network and destination alerts via the site below.

 *Purdue's international insurance is waived ONLY for students participating in the following co-sponsored programs: CAPA, CIEE, DIS, IES, UMN (University of Minnesota), and Semester at Sea. Waivers are not available for students on any Departmental Programs regardless of on-site provider.

How to Use Insurance Abroad:

  • Emergency: In a medical emergency call the Travel Assistance Program at 1-866-693-6873 and be prepared to offer the policy number and answers to questions listed on your ID card.  
  • Payment:  Student should be prepared to make payments for services in country and submit reimbursement request upon return. You should plan to travel with a credit card for this purpose just in case it is necessary.  In limited situations, the insurance provider may be able to work with the hospital to make direct payments for major medical expenses.
  • Receipts and Claims:  Keep all receipts for medical expenses. Students will need to submit itemized bill(s)/receipts translated into English to the claims company
  • On-site Support:  Be sure to contact your on-site support staff if you need assistance.  If you are unable to reach the on-site contact and need further assistance, please contact the Study Abroad Office at 765-494-2383.  After hours call Purdue Police at 765-494-8221 where an operator will be able to contact a Study Abroad Representative to assist you.

Domestic/Study Away Insurance

All students participating in a domestic Study Away program that takes place within the United States will be covered under Purdue's domestic field trip coverage.  The medical facility should be notified that this policy is primary to any other medical policy.

Students should work with the Study Abroad Office to submit claims

Coverage Before/After Program

It is recommended that students who plan to travel before or after their study abroad program have insurance coverage for the additional personal travel. Students who wish to travel before or after their program must purchase additional coverage separately.  Students may choose any travel insurance provider to secure this additional coverage, although quotes are available through the Gallagher site.

Cancel For Any Reason

The insurance coverage described above does not include Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance. While Study Abroad remains optimistic that programs will run, many things could change between now and program start dates including local conditions, entry requirements, etc. While not a requirement, CFAR policies can add extra insurance to protect your investment.  While Purdue will do everything they can to mitigate the financial risk for students, refunds cannot be guaranteed for such things as accommodations, ground packages, flight cancellations, or other non-refundable costs. 

Students who wish to supplement the international insurance coverage (outlined above) may utilize any insurance provider that they choose.  Although please note COVERAGE IS OPTIONAL.  Students are not required to purchase CFAR coverage or utilize any specific provider.

Ways to purchase CFAR coverage:

  • Through a provider organization that your program may be working with directly.
  • Through any insurance provider that you choose.  A simple Google search will provide many options to consider.

Be sure to carefully consider the details of any plan before purchasing.