Information for Parents & Families

In an increasingly global society, an international component has become an essential part of higher education.  The University is stepping up its efforts to encourage more students to study abroad, especially on programs of a semester in length.  Studying overseas enables students to develop maturity and independence, expand their knowledge of the world, and increase their sensitivity to other cultures. While abroad, they test the skills they have and obtain new ones. These traits help prepare them for graduate school or the job market.

With more than 350 programs in dozens of countries, Purdue offers something for almost every student, regardless of their major. We assist students in planning their study abroad experience to include classes and/or internships that will earn them credit towards their Purdue degree. This means students study abroad and still graduate on time.

Study abroad opportunities range in duration from a week to an entire year, so a study abroad experience can fit into any student's schedule. The longer you go, the more you grow.  A semester Exchange Program is perhaps the most economical way to study abroad.

Students can be sure that the social and political climate in the area they will be traveling to is conducive to studying. Purdue follows the advice of the U.S. Department of State regarding safety.  For more information concerning the health of your student, please see the Safety & Health page.

We have created a Family Guide that should answer many of your questions and concerns about the process.  The guide also offers tips and suggestions how you can be support your son or daughter while overseas and information about the practical considerations involved. For more detail, please see our page of useful links for parents and families.