Course Registration

Researching Course Offerings 

To research course offerings, view the schedule of classes, which lists the courses that are offered each semester. The classes that will be available when you are here will be posted during the semester prior to your arrival, mid-October for spring semester and mid-March for fall semester. If the courses for the semester you will be at Purdue are not yet listed, look at the comparable semester one year earlier.  The listings do not change appreciably from one year to the next.

To search the schedule of classes:

  • Choose a the semester you will arrive at Purdue in the Term pull-down menu.  If that term is not available, choose the comparable term one year earlier.
  • Once on the Class Schedule Search page, you must select a Subject, and
  • You MUST choose Campus: West Lafayette. If you fail to do this, you will see courses that are offered at distant Purdue campuses that you cannot take.
  • To be legally in the USA, undergraduate international students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  • Courses numbered 49999 and below are undergraduate classes and 50000 and above are graduate-level classes. Occasionally, but not always, advanced undergraduate students are able to take one 50000-level class, with the permission of the instructor; 60000-level classes are not an option.

The schedule of classes will allow you to view a description of each course. If you need more detailed information, please contact your international office to view any Purdue syllabi and/or past course approvals that they may have already or, if necessary, to ask them to request syllabi from Purdue’s Programs for Study Abroad. To request syllabi, your international office may send a list of course numbers and titles for up to eight classes. Until you’ve been officially admitted to Purdue, please do not contact any academic departments or Purdue faculty members.


Once you have been officially admitted to Purdue, you will be assigned an academic advisor. Your academic advisor’s name and contact information will be included in your acceptance letter.

Your advisor will receive information about your academic background as well as the classes that you listed on your application as the ones you wish to take while at Purdue. He or she will assist you with the course registration process.  If you have questions about registration or need to change the courses that you’d like to take while at Purdue, feel free to email your academic advisor.