Adding Exchange Partners

Quick Guide for Adding Exchange Universities

Faculty members interested in discussing new Student Exchange Agreements should first consider some of the following questions:

  • What semester study abroad options already exist in this country through the study abroad office?
  • If there are already existing options, how is the proposed relationship different and why is it necessary?
  • What other current collaborative ties exist with the institution?
  • Who are the "target audiences" of Purdue students who would study at this institution?
  • What courses at this institution will a Purdue student typically enroll in?
  • What courses at Purdue will an incoming exchange student typically enroll in?
  • Will departmental leadership allow incoming international exchange students to register for their classes?
  • Who will conduct the course equivalency analysis of this institution's courses?
  • When will the course equivalency analysis be completed?
  • When do you anticipate a Purdue student applying to attend this institution?

Establishing Student Exchange Activity Agreements (a three-step process):

1) The Academic Approval Form (See Example Academic Approval Form) Once a study abroad site has been selected and endorsed by the department and dean, a copy of the Academic Approval Form will be provided by the Office of Programs for Study Abroad. This form is necessary to assure the Contracts Office that the academic unit approves. Signing the Academic Approval Form provides written approval for the transfer of direct credit (with grades). Signing does not promise any particular course transfer but only provides the mechanism that department-approved courses will transfer back with grades. Forms are returned to the Office of Programs for Study Abroad. (Note: For graduate students to participate, a similar Academic Approval form is signed by the Graduate School in consultation with the Study Abroad Office).

2) The Exchange Agreement (See Example Student Exchange Agreement) When Programs for Study Abroad receives the completed Academic Approval Form(s), an exchange agreement is prepared. Purdue prefers to deviate as little as possible from its standard agreement in order to expedite the approval process. Since the agreement is with "Purdue University," all students can participate but only coursework completed in disciplines of approving colleges/schools/departments (per the academic approval forms above) will result in direct Purdue credit and grades on the student academic record.  All other coursework results in transfer credit.   The Student Exchange Agreement can have subsequent Academic Approval Forms added to it at any time. (Note: A parallel version of "Co-sponsored Program Agreement" is also available from the Study Abroad Office.)

3) Purdue University Contracts Office Once a mutually acceptable exchange agreement has been established between institutions (i.e. after a draft agreement is sent from Study Abroad to the proposed partner to assure that it will be acceptable), then two copies are circulated for signatures by the director of Programs for Study Abroad, the Dean of International Programs, and the contract administrator in the University Contracting Group. Both copies are then sent to the overseas partner and one is returned to be placed in the contracts office vault.

Example Academic Approval Form
Example Student Exchange Agreement