Employee Advisory Groups

Purdue University Senate

Purdue's University Senate, established February 17, 1964, is responsible for proposing or adopting policies, regulations and procedures intended to achieve the educational objectives of Purdue University and the general welfare of those involved in these educational processes.

The University Senate also advises the Purdue University President and Board of Trustees on a variety of issues.

For more information about Purdue University Senate, refer to www.purdue.edu/senate/.

Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (MaPSAC) 

In May 1988, the Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (MaPSAC) was formed to build a formal communication link between the administrative and professional staff and the University’s senior administration.

MaPSAC serves as an advisory committee to the University on matters relating to administrative and professional staff employment. 

For more information about MaPSAC, refer to https://www.purdue.edu/mapsac/.

Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC) 

In 1965, in recognition of the vital role of members of the clerical and services staffs, the University created the Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC). The committee provides an effective means of communication between the clerical and services staffs and University administration.

The committee acts in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations to Human Resources in the matters of policies that concern personnel and staff benefits.

To learn more about CSSAC, visit www.purdue.edu/cssac.