Faculty Promotions

As an institution of higher education with a commitment to excellence and a diversity of missions, Purdue University values creative endeavor, research and scholarship; teaching and learning in its many forms; and engagement in its many forms, including extension and outreach. To be considered for promotion, a faculty member should have demonstrated excellence and scholarly productivity in at least one of these areas. Ordinarily, strength should be manifested in more than one of these areas. 

Each year a department primary committee, with the department head as chairperson, initiates recommendations for promotion in academic rank. A form is prepared for each nominee for whom a majority affirmative vote is obtained in the primary committee and forwarded to the dean of the college or school for consideration by the area committee. The department head also may, if he or she wishes to do so, forward a nomination form for a person nominated in the primary committee who did not receive a positive vote. The area committee, chaired by the dean, votes on proposed promotions and makes recommendations to the University Promotions Committee. A roster of candidates reviewed and approved by the University Promotions Committee is transmitted by the provost to the president, who then makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees for action. For more information, refer to Purdue’s promotion and tenure policies, available at https://www.purdue.edu/provost/faculty/promotion/index.html