Medical Examinations

Employees who are new staff members or who have recently transferred to a new job may be required to submit to a post-offer medical examination, including drug and alcohol testing. Generally, the University will require a medical exam only when it is job related and consistent with business necessity (e.g., drug and alcohol testing and physical exams for individuals required to have a commercial driver´s license). Medical examinations may also be required if there is a concern about an employee´s ability to perform the tasks of his/her position in a safe and appropriate manner.

The University will require medical examinations only as permitted by state and federal law. Further, all medical examinations will be conducted in a manner that recognizes, to the maximum extent possible, an individual´s rights to privacy and confidentiality.

For questions or concerns about medical examinations, contact a supervisor, a department head, Human Resources, Employee Relations (West Lafayette), your relevant human resources team or your regional campus human resources department for assistance.