Academic Freedom

It is the established and firm policy of Purdue University to provide, protect and promote an environment of academic and intellectual freedom of scientific inquiry and publication and the freedom and responsibility of teachers to acquaint their students with the various sides of controversial subjects within their fields of subject-matter competency. In formally organized classes, lectures, seminars, etc., dealing with specific phases of academic instruction, members of the teaching staff may not subject students to their particular views and opinions concerning matters not related to the course of instruction itself. Faculty members are presumed to be competent authorities in the subject matter of their formally organized courses of instruction; in other matters they are merely citizens and within the organized classrooms of the University have no right to inflict their views and opinions on issues extraneous to the course of instruction.

The faculty itself has pointed out that its members should be aware at all times that their activities and statements may reflect discredit as well as credit upon the University, and they should conduct themselves accordingly, with due respect to the welfare and prestige of the University they represent.

For a general discussion of academic freedom at Purdue, see Executive Memorandum B-48 at