Kirk Alter, Chairperson University Senate 

Welcome to the Purdue University Senate website.  The Senate, established in 1964, celebrates its 50th anniversary this fall.  According to our founding document, “the University Senate is the governing body of the faculty and it exercises the legislative and policy-making powers assigned to the faculty, subject only to review and check by the faculty by established procedures. Therefore, subject to the authority of the Board of Trustees and in consultation with the President, it has the power and responsibility to propose or to adopt policies, regulations, and procedures intended to achieve the educational objectives of Purdue University and the general welfare of those involved in these educational processes.” 

The vast majority of the 102 Senators that make up this body are tenured or tenure-track faculty from all the colleges and schools at Purdue University as well as the regional campuses. We also have two voting student representatives, as well as various administrators and staff who function as non-voting advisors.

According to the University Code, the calendar, the curriculum, and the awarding of credits fall exclusively within the purview of the faculty of Purdue University, and any significant changes must pass through the University Senate. Right now as innovative alterations are being considered, it could not be more important for the faculty to participate actively in the Senate.  Departments and Colleges must identify vigorous and engaged senators, and these senators must communicate effectively and regularly with their constituents.  Striving to improve as an institution is the responsibility of every member of the Purdue family, but the burden of accountability for academic excellence rests squarely on the shoulders of the faculty.

There is much important work for the Senate this year. As President Daniels’ bold Purdue Moves go forward, we must use our powerful, combined expertise to ensure smooth and effective implementation. Our core values must guide this process, and our collective wisdom and experience must be harnessed as we work with the President and the Trustees to become a beacon for the world of preeminence in higher education. We are joined in our efforts this year by a talented new Provost, Dr. Debasish Dutta, hired with an enthusiastic stamp of approval by the faculty.

As your Chairperson, I encourage you all to share your concerns and ideas on all aspects of faculty governance. Please feel free to contact me, or any member of the Senate leadership listed below.

Hail Purdue!

University Senate Leadership:

Chair - David A. Sanders
Vice Chair - Alberto J. Rodriguez
Secretary of Faculties - Joe Camp
Steering Committee Chair - Gerald Shively
Faculty Affairs Committee Chair - Levon Esters
University Resources Policy Committee Chair - Alan Friedman
Equity and Diversity Committee Chair - Linda Prokopy
Educational Policy Committee Chair - Ralph Kaufmann
Student Affairs Committee Chair - Russell Jones
Nominating Committee Chair - Natalie Carroll
Advisory Committee Chair - David A. Sanders
Immediate Past Chair - Kirk Alter

We look forward to an interesting and productive year.