Background Checks

Purdue University strives to provide the safest possible environment for its students, faculty, staff and visitors; to preserve university resources; and to uphold the reputation and integrity of the University. In order to support these goals, the University will conduct Criminal History and Sex and Violent Offender Registry Checks for new hires to the University. Additional checks, such as to verify for education and certifications, and Credit History Checks, may be required based upon job responsibilities. Positions with the same or similar job responsibilities will require the same or similar Background Checks. All job postings will indicate Background Check requirements for the position, including any requirement that current University Employees applying for the position undergo a Background Check appropriate to the position’s responsibilities. All offers of employment to new hires to the University will be made contingent upon the results of the Background Check. If an Employee applies for a position that requires a Background Check, the offer for the new position will be contingent upon the results of the Background Check.

Candidates for employment who fail to participate fully or who provide inaccurate information in a Background Check will be eliminated from consideration for the position. Candidates may decline to authorize a Background Check; in such cases, no Background Check will be performed, but the Candidate will not be considered further. 

All individuals applying for a position with Purdue University are required to disclose Criminal Conviction information. Individuals with Criminal Convictions may be disqualified from holding a position at the University based on the conviction’s relevancy to the position. Criminal Conviction information will not be used to discriminate against Candidates. The existence of a Criminal Conviction will not automatically disqualify an individual from employment or employment consideration. The University will consider the nature and seriousness of the offense, the nature of the position, and the length of time since the conviction. When a finding adversely impacts employment eligibility, the Candidate will be notified and may be withdrawn from employment consideration after Human Resources consults with the Senior Leader on the matter. 

The University will provide Candidates access to a copy of their Background Check report upon request, regardless of outcome and without charge to the Candidate. In cases where information in the Background Check report will result in an adverse hiring decision, the University will provide a copy of the report to the Candidate without his or her request. Cases in which information in a Consumer Report will result in an adverse employment decision, the University will provide the Candidate with all required notifications pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The University recognizes the need to protect an individual’s right to privacy. As such, all Background Check records will be kept in secured, access-restricted personnel files. Any member of the Purdue University community not required by this policy to have access to Background Check records is prohibited from seeking, using or disclosing such records. 

For further details regarding the Background Check policy, please refer to