Mandatory Reporter Training

This training is for employees who have been identified as mandatory reporters under Title IX and Anti-Harassment Policies of Purdue University. A new version was released in March 2021 in accordance with the updated Title IX regulations released in August 2020. 

Audience: Faculty, staff, and others as identified 

Time: 20 Minutes

Format: Online only 

Recurrence: Annual 

How to Register:

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All EmploymentCerts are located in SuccessFactors. 

  1. Visit
  2. Select 'Employee Launchpad.'
  3. Once in the 'Employee Launchpad,' select the 'Learning' tile. 
  4. If the course is not assigned to you, search for "Mandatory Reporter" in the search box. Each campus (PWL, PFW, PNW) has a version so be sure to select the correct version.  


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If you cannot access SuccessFactors, please complete this version of the Mandatory Reporter Training.

Mandatory Reporter Certification

This will take you approximately 15-20 minutes and is viewable on mobile devices. 

Supplemental Resources

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