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Permanent Residency Process for International Faculty Hires

The Department of Labor (DOL) has advertising requirements that must be met in order to successfully hire an international candidate.  These requirements include:

1. Advertising must be placed in either a national print journal or electronic or web-based journal if an international hire is to be made.

2. Advertisement text must contain:

    • Job Title
    • Job Duties
    • Job Requirements
    • Experience, if required, must be qualified
    • "Teaching" must be a listed job requirement
    • Degree required must be specified as well as the field in which it was earned, or a "closely related field."

3. Electronic or web-based advertisement requirements:

    • The advertisement must be viewable to the public without the payment of a subscription and/or membership charge; and
    • The advertisement must run for at least 30 calendar days. Colleges and universities must retain documentation that establishes that the advertisement ran for 30 calendar days along with the text of the advertisement.
      • Purdue's Office of International Students and Scholars recommends that search committees print a copy of the advertisement, obtain a receipt for publication, and also request proof of publication from the publisher indicating the advertisement has run for 30 days.

The Office of International Students and Scholars,, is a valuable resource and is willing to review advertising to ensure it meets DOL requirements.