Respect Boundaries

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act, a federal law, requires all new incoming students to receive primary prevention and awareness education about sexual violence. In compliance with this law, new students are required to complete the Respect Boundaries: Sexual Violence Awareness Program. The program emphasizes Purdue’s commitment to a safe campus environment and each student’s shared responsibility, as a member of the community, to help foster a safe campus environment. 

Audience: new, incoming students

Time: 60 minutes

Format: Online only

Recurrence: One time


Visit these frequently asked questions to learn more.

All new, incoming students at Purdue University each semester must complete the training. This is a one-time training and does not expire.

There are four short modules associated with the program: 

  1. The first module covers applicable policies across campus.

  2. The second module offers guidance on how to be an active bystander to help prevent sexual violence, as well as information about how to help a survivor of sexual violence who may seek support from students. 

  3. The third module covers relationship violence.

  4. The fourth module covers resources and support options available on campus and in the community for survivors of sexual violence. 

One of the main topics of Respect Boundaries, harassment, can and does occur online. It is important for you as an online student to know where to go for support and resources should you experience online harassment.

Additionally, the law requiring this education does not differentiate between one-time, part-time, or full-time students, nor does it differentiate between those taking classes on campus vs. those enrolled in a distance education course or program.  The policies and procedures covered in the program apply to you as a student at Purdue University.

If you do not complete the program a hold will be placed on your registration.  You will not be able to enroll in any future classes at Purdue until you complete the program.

You must complete all four modules of the Respect Boundaries course for the hold to be removed.

For semesters up to and including Summer 2020, the course can be found in Blackboard ( Beginning in Fall 2020 Respect Boundaries will be in Brightspace ( Upon successfully completing all four modules the hold will be automatically removed within an hour. The Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance does not remove the hold.

Direct all questions about Respect Boundaries to the Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance Education at or 765-496-3201. 

Please note that we do not manually remove Respect Boundaries holds. The only way for the hold to be removed is for you to complete the training and then it is automatically removed within an hour.