Syllabus Statement

Instructors and faculty should ensure their course syllabus contains a statement regarding the Disability Resource Center. Purdue has adopted an official statement for faculty and instructors to use, as well as statements regarding how exam accommodations will be handled.

Official syllabus accessibility statement

Purdue University strives to make learning experiences accessible to all participants. If you anticipate or experience physical or academic barriers based on disability, you are welcome to let me know so that we can discuss options. You are also encouraged to contact the Disability Resource Center at: or by phone at 765-494-1247.

Accommodated Testing Syllabus Statements

For instructors who wish for Purdue Testing Services to implement testing accommodations:

Students with disabilities whose DRC Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) includes test accommodations must first release their CAL to me and then schedule to take their exams with the Purdue Testing Services at You must do this at least four days before the exam date listed on the syllabus. In the case of finals week, you must do this at least four weeks before the start of finals week (or insert the relevant date for the semester). I will provide the Purdue Testing Services with your exam and they will administer it and provide the result to me for grade reporting. Students must inform me immediately of cases where the Purdue Testing Services does not have space so that I can make other arrangements. Students who fail to follow this process and these deadlines risk not being able to have their accommodations for that exam.

For instructors who will implement testing accommodations themselves:

I (or, my instructional staff and I) will arrange to provide test accommodations for those who have them as a part of their DRC Course Accessibility Letter (CAL). It is imperative that these students release their CALs to me as soon as they are available so that I/we can make these arrangements well in advance of exams. I/we may be unable to implement test accommodations if we do not have access to your CAL at least one week before the first exam date.

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