How To Use Your Course Accommodation Letter

1) Log into the  Student Accommodation Portal.

2) Input your Purdue career account username then authenticate the login via the DuoMobile app.

3) Read and complete the "Rights and Responsibilities Agreement".

4) On the main overview page, choose "Select Accommodations" for the appropriate class section.

5) Review "Important Note" information.

  • Step 1: Select all the courses you would like to receive accommodations in for the current semester.
  • Step 2: Continue to "Customize Your Accommodations"

6) Select "Accommodations for Each Course." Only choose accommodations you would like to utilize in the selected course.

7) Submit Your accommodation requests

Course Accommodation Letters can be sent to faculty one week before each new semester begins. Students should follow up with instructors after they share Course Accommodation Letters to discuss how accommodations may work in their specific course.

If you have questions, please reach out to your Access Consultant.