Schedule an Appointment with the DRC

Students who are already connected with the DRC may request an appointment with the Disability Resource Center on their own through their DRC Student Portal. Instructions on how to schedule an appointment can be found in a condensed version below.

For a longer version of step-by-step instructions, including computer screenshot images, you may download our guide using the following link.

Download Instruction Guide

How to Schedule an Appointment with the DRC

  1. Login to your DRC Student Portal using your Purdue login.
  2. Click "Request for Appointment" in Home menu
  3. Click the "Request for Appointment" button.
  4. Select the "Who You Would Like to Meet".
    • Note: Schedule your appointment with your assigned Access Consultant. Scheduling with a different Access Consultant could result in having your appointment cancelled.
  5. Choose the "Appointment Location" (In-person)
  6. Provide any specific questions or concerns you wish to address in this appointment in the "Additional Comments" text box. Please also specify if you need accommodations or assistive technology to access your appointment.
  7. Choose the "Appointment Purpose" (Initial Meetings, Check-in, etc.) If you do not select an appointment purpose, the system will default to a 30 minute meeting.
  8. Click "Find Availability"
  9. Choose a specific appointment time and date. By default, you will see 5 business days at a time. If no times where in the first set of dates/times, click "Next Available" to show more dates/times.
  10. Click "Schedule Appointment"

Not Connected with the DRC Yet?

Students who would like to connect with the DRC should visit our Student Accommodations and Services page. Information on how to request accommodations with the DRC can be found there.

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