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Purdue recognizes that inclusion and access are a University-wide responsibility. Active participation by faculty, students and DRC staff are key to creating accessible experiences. DRC staff fully recognize the important role instructional staff play in the implementation of accommodations and recognize instructional staff may have varying levels of resources. Our office is available to work through individual questions instructional staff may have related to creating accessible experiences. 

Beginning in the fall 2020 semester, the DRC adopted a practice of sending faculty an “Aggregate Report” of what accommodations they can expect to be requested during that semester. This report is sent during the first week of classes and is intended to provide a “snapshot” view of the semester. Most questions instructional staff may have about accommodations can be answered informally through discussion with DRC staff. 

The University has also developed a more formal faculty resolution process.  Below are the links to the procedures and forms:

Why does the DRC follow the process it does?

The DRC follows best practices outlined by AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disability). Accommodations are never intended to:

  • reduce academic rigor
  • pose a fundamental alteration to the course design
  • be unreasonable

Faculty who believe an accommodation fundamentally alters their class should contact the DRC. "Reasonableness" and "fundamental alteration" are concepts determined by DRC staff in conjunction with faculty and instructors. Considerations include a course's design, delivery and its intersection with students.

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