Accommodations and Services

Disability is an aspect of diversity that is integral to our society and to the Purdue campus community.

The Disability Resource Center collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create usable, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable learning environments. However, there may be times when there are aspects of the instruction or design of your courses that result in barriers to your inclusion or to accurate assessment of achievement. When that is the case, the DRC staff will work with you to arrange for accommodations.

Our Accommodations

Accommodations can include, but are not limited to:

We encourage students to contact the DRC to engage in a discussion to identify and remove barriers in their academic experience.

Request an Accommodation (For Students)

Student Concern Forms

Please submit this form if you are a student who is dissatisfied with an accommodation decision or implementation. Submitting a Concern Form will not interrupt any academic accommodations or services that have been put into place.

Submit a Concern Form (Students)

Instructor Concern Form

Please submit this form if you are an instructor who has a concern about an approved accommodation for a student in your course, program, or academic activity.

Submit a Concern Form (Faculty)

Other Resources

To learn more about these processes, please visit the links to Purdue’s accommodation policies below:

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