Student Course Accessibility Letters

Each semester, students will release their Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) to their instructors. CALs will be received by instructors through their Purdue email. This email serves as the official notice to the instructor from the student of the accommodations they may use that semester in their course. Instructors may also access a student's CAL via the DRC Instructor Portal and Brightspace.

The Access Consultant assigned to the student is identified on the CAL and is your DRC contact if you have any questions about the implementation of accommodations.

Instructors may receive CALs at any point in the semester. Upon receipt, it is expected that the accommodations will be put in place.

Accessing Course Accessibility Letters (CALs) via DRC Instructor Portal

  1. Log in to the DRC Instructor Portal using your Purdue login.

  2. Read the confidentiality statement and click “Continue to View Student Accommodations”   

  3. You will now be on your “Overview” page. This is a table of the student(s) in your course(s) who have shared their CAL with you for the current semester.  

  4. To view an individual student’s CAL, click “View” in the far-left column in the row for that student. Note that this  is the same information sent to Purdue email. At the top of the page, you can find the Access Consultant information and time stamp for when students initiated the email.  

Student Accommodation Information in Brightspace

Instructors can find student disability information in Brightspace, including the following reports. These reports can be generated at any time. They are point-in-time and based on information from the day before report-generation. This information will change as accommodations are granted and students release their CALs.

Students with Accommodations by CRN: This is a roster of students in a particular CRN who have released their Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) to the instructor and includes the release date and specific accommodations. This report is intended to provide instructors with quick access to specific accommodation needs. The detailed CALs can still be accessed in the DRC’s instructor portal. To access this report, instructors should click into their course in Brightspace. From the top black banner, they should select “Course Tools,” and from the dropdown menu select “Accommodations – DRC.”

Aggregate Report of all Accommodations: This report shows the numbers of students with disabilities enrolled in all their courses, whether they have released their CALs or not. It also provides the numbers and types of accommodations for those students. This report is intended to aid instructors in overall course planning. From the top black banner on the West Lafayette Brightspace landing page, instructors should click on “Tools,” click and select “Accommodations Report – DRC” from the dropdown list.