Usable Materials Center

The UMC is housed in the Disability Resource Center. It provides no-cost resources to instructional staff desiring to offer their course materials in accessible formats by design.

Instructors may also visit the Innovative Learning website for how-to videos and a step-by-step manual on creating accessible documents.

Document Remediation

The primary service offered by the UMC is document remediation, converting inaccessible print and digital materials into accessible formats. These materials include PDF’s, PowerPoint slides, and print matter. The UMC provides document remediation at no cost.

The UMC staff requests documents to be submitted with a minimum one-week lead time; we will notify instructors with expected turnaround time. To submit a request for document remediation, use the link below to complete and submit a Qualtrics survey. Please ensure that all documents are attached to the survey before submitting.

The UMC remediates documents NOT related to a current student accommodation request. Send student based, accommodation-related document remediation requests, including the student’s name, to Alternative Formats.

Request Document Remediation

Alternative Texts

The Usable Materials Center will assist instructional staff with providing students accessible options to print materials. Search the Purdue libraries for accessible PDFs; if your search is unsuccessful, send the book title, ISBN, and chapters and/or pages needed to the UMC via email at Please note that we may need to borrow your book to scan.

If the request is accommodation-related, the student will request alternative text via AIM from Alternative Formats.

Finding Accessible Books
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Contact The UMC

YONG 841: UMC Coordinator

YONG 837/839: UMC Student Staff