Disability Resource Center Events

The Disability Resource Center at Purdue is always looking for new ways to engage students of all backgrounds. One way we do that is by hosting a variety of events for students, meant to bring us together and form a larger community. Below is a timeline of upcoming events, which you are more than welcome to attend.

Upcoming Events

Please note: many of these events are labeled with "PMP". This stands for "Peer Mentor Group", however these events are open to all! For more information about getting involved in the DRC's Peer Mentor Group, visit our PMP web page.

For any questions regarding Peer Mentor Group activities, please reach out to drcpeermentor@purdue.edu.

Sept. 29 @ 7pm
PMP: Movie Night

Location: WALC B093

Oct. 12 @ 6pm
PMP: Student Legal Rights

Location: RAWL 2082

Oct. 21 @ 3pm
PMP: Field Trip - Exploration Acres

Location: Meet at YOUNG

Nov. 9 @ 7pm
PMP: Assistive Technology Demos

Location: RAWL 2082

Nov. 28 @ 7pm
PMP: Belated Disney Birthday Party

Location: BRNG B268

Dec. 7 @ 7pm
PMP: Boardgame Night

Location: WALC 3123

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