Disability Documentation

Sources of information used to determine a student’s disability and/or accommodations may include student’s self-report, direct observation and interaction with the student, and/or third-party documentation from qualified evaluators or professionals. The Disability Resources Center (DRC) will review all documentation and accommodation requests on an individualized, case-by-case basis. All relevant information will be considered. Please feel free to download a PDF of this information.

Student Self-Report

Students should complete the Purdue University Accommodation Request Form (ARF), which provides students an opportunity to describe their condition and the accommodations they are hoping to receive. Students may supplement the Purdue University Accommodation Request Form with additional information. Students may consider including information about their experiences related to their disability, the challenges or barriers encountered, and/or previous accommodations.

Third-Party Documentation

Disability-related documentation should provide information on the impact of the condition in order to determine appropriate accommodations. Documentation may include assessments, reports, and/or letters from qualified evaluators, professionals, or institutions. Common sources of documentation may include health care providers, psychologists, diagnosticians, and/or information from a previous school (e.g., accommodation agreements/letters, 504, or IEP).

Suggested Documentation Elements

  1. Typed on letterhead, dated, and signed by a qualified professional
  2. Identify any disabilities or conditions
  3. Describe the impact or symptoms of the identified condition(s)
  4. Relevant information regarding severity or prognosis
  5. Include frequency and duration of active symptoms (if cyclical in nature)
  6. List any relevant side effects of medication and/or treatment
  7. Recommended accommodations

When and How to Submit Documentation

Students are encouraged to submit information at least 2-3 weeks prior to the date that services are required. Documentation may be uploaded with the ARF. It may also be emailed, faxed (765-496-3759) or hand-delivered to the DRC. Students may schedule a meeting with an Access Consultant at any point during the process regardless of any documentation they may currently have available. If you have any questions about these documentation guidelines, please contact the Disability Resource Center at drc@purdue.edu or 765-494-1247.

Download a PDF of this information

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