Course Accessibility Letter on myPurdue

Student View - Send Letters

A student now has the option to view and send his/her Course Accessibility Letter (CAL) to Faculty and/or Advisors. To access the CAL, the student navigates to the Academics tab in myPurdue. Under the Personal Information component, they will see “DRC Accommodation Letters”

Student myPurdue Menu

Once the student select DRC Accommodation Letters, they will be prompted to select a term (note, you cannot view letters from previous terms, only the current term):

Select Term

Once term is selected, the student will be directed to a page with all faculty and advisors associated with their courses. The student must select the check box next to the faculty and/or advisor they would like to see the CAL (highlighted in yellow).

Once the student selects 'Send E-mail', the faculty selected will receive an e-mail notification stating there is a letter available. Advisors do not receive this notification but the letter will become available for them to view for that student on myPurdue.

View Letter Student DRC Dashboard

Note: The green highlighted fields show the student if/when the faculty and advisors have viewed their letter from myPurdue. 

IMPORTANT: Once you have checked the course box and shared a CAL with an instructor and/or advisor, do not uncheck it during the course of the semester. By unchecking the box, you will unshare your CAL and might be at risk of not receiving your accommodations. 

Example of Course Accessibility Letter (CAL)

CAL Example

Print CAL

The student can print a copy of their CAL by selecting the 'Print this Page' button and following the Printer prompts.

Print this page

Download CAL

The student can download and save a copy of their CAL by selecting the 'Print this Page' button and selecting Adobe pdf as their printer.

Download CAL