Program Withdrawal Due to Emergencies

TO: Students and Parents

FROM: Dr. Brian Harley, Director

DATE: February 2003

RE: Program Withdrawal Due to Emergencies

Statement on Study Abroad's Response to Current International Situation

The safety of students on study abroad is our highest priority. We are taking all reasonable precautions so that students have a safe experience abroad. We are concerned about the current international situation and monitor events to be certain that we act in the best interests of our students abroad as reflected in the Purdue University Policy on Security.

Programs and students will not be supported for study abroad in any location listed for a Travel Warning by the US Department of State. Programs listed with a Travel Advisory will receive careful scrutiny by administration at Purdue reflecting ongoing diligence to concerns of student safety.

Process of Student Program Withdrawal

Contact Study Abroad. No student should withdraw from a program, either before or after arrival, without first contacting the Office of Programs for Study Abroad.

Put your withdrawal intentions in writing with a date. It is the student's responsibility to send a formal statement to the Study Abroad Office (mail, fax, or email), outlining the reason for the withdrawal. The statement should include both the last day that you attended classes and a description of arrangements you have made with the onsite administration for finalizing your participation. It is in the student's best interest to put this in writing.

The date of this statement will be treated as the withdrawal date. This will be communicated by Study Abroad to the Dean of Students' Office and to the Office of the Bursar in order to adjust tuition billing accordingly.

If you are abroad through a co-sponsoring agency or through any non-approved program, it is your responsibility to inform the provider of your decision.

Program Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Voluntary: If a student chooses to withdraw then the standard Purdue refund policy is in effect. The $250 non-refundable deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances. In addition, students will be responsible for any program pre-payments which are unrecoverable. Purdue tuition will be refunded per the standard Purdue policy listed by the Office of the Bursar.

Involuntary: If the program is cancelled due to an emergency, the amount of the refund will be determined individually on the basis of costs recoverable by Study Abroad at the time of withdrawal. Study Abroad at Purdue University will make every effort to refund tuition monies to the extent possible in consultation with the Dean of Students. Also, the $250 deposit will be refunded. (An emergency, such as those related to acts of war or SARS-related travel warnings, will be determined in close consultation with Purdue's Statement on Security, which also utilizes warnings and advisories from the U.S. Department of State.)

Refund Policies for Co-sponsored Programs: Each co-sponsoring agency sets its own refund policies regarding fees paid to them. The Office of Programs for Study Abroad will advocate that students receive any possible recoverable pre-payments. Please see co-sponsoring program handbooks for details.

Final Note on Student Security

To optimize safety and security, students should refer to overseas leadership at the host institution as well as the local authorities. This cooperation, along with not drawing undue attention to oneself, will assist in student welfare. One of the most important features of security is that students take safety and travel information seriously.