Dancers performing on stage for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, hosted by the Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center.

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Steps to Leaps Discussions and Dialogues

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Steps to Leaps  Everyday Applications  Series

The Steps to Leaps Everyday Applications series offers guidance and opportunities to discuss best practices in integrating Steps to Leaps pillars into programs, classrooms and more.

Read more about the Steps to Leaps Everyday Applications Series.

The program will consult participants on ways to align program outcomes and incorporate Steps to Leaps language into new and already existing engagement opportunities. Participants are also able to share their own success stories, ask questions, and connect with colleagues and Steps to Leaps resources. This series is designed to educate participants and review programs, courses and activities that already incorporate Steps to Leaps pillars.  

We encourage faculty, staff and teams to bring their programs, courses or projects to these working meetings.  We will be available to answer questions about Steps to Leaps pillars, help draw connections to the great work you are already doing and share resources related to the pillars that may assist you in these efforts! Please look for these opportunities in the calendar below. 

To watch previous Steps To Leaps presentations, click here.   Please note, a Purdue BoilerKey login is required to view.