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Steps to Leaps News

Steps to Leaps to Host Discussions and Dialogues Series

The Steps to Leaps initiative will host six events as part of its Discussions and Dialogues series this fall.

Steps to Leaps is a collaborative, campus-wide effort to foster lifelong habits and promote student growth in the areas of well-being, leadership, impact, networks and grit/persistence. Discussions and Dialogues will highlight departments, programs and people that have leveraged Steps to Leaps language and pillars to support students.

All Discussions and Dialogues will be held in Krach Leadership Center, Room 230, and will have an option to attend virtually. For more information about these events and virtual options, please visit the Steps to Leaps events page.

Steps to Leaps Announces Inaugural Award Winners

The Steps to Leaps steering committee recognized winners of the inaugural Steps to Leaps awards at the Steps to Leaps Summit, held March 9 at Beck Agricultural Center. Read the full feature article on our website here. 

Boiler Financial Track: A Resource for Students to Build Financial Wellness

Financial wellness might not be the first thing students think about when considering their well-being, but it is an important component of one’s overall wellness.

“Financial wellness means having a strong financial foundation,” says Junia McDole, program director of Boiler Financial Track. “It’s about having a plan for your money and not having stress associated with finances.”

Read the full "Boiler Financial Track: A Resource for Students to Build Financial Wellness" article on VPSL (opens in new window).

Student Support Services A Starting Point for Students Facing Challenges

When students face new challenges, they often have trouble identifying a plan of action to overcome them – and on a campus as large as Purdue University, locating the proper resource to address the problem can be intimidating.

Student Support Services, located in the Office of the Dean of Students, Room 207, Schleman Hall, is a resource students can use to take their first step in addressing academic, financial and social challenges. Student Support Services partners with students to identify goals and create plans of action to address issues such as class absences, academic and financial challenges, safety and well-being.

Read the full "Student Support Services A Starting Point for Students Facing Challenges" article on VPSL (opens in new window).

We are now accepting nominations for the inaugural Steps to Leaps Awards!

The Steps to Leaps Awards have been established by the Steps to Leaps initiative to recognize and honor any Purdue student, staff or faculty member who exhibits exemplary integration of one or more Steps to Leaps pillars. To learn more or make a nomination, please visit our Steps to Leaps Awards page here. 

Steps to Leaps continues to engage students and support their academic pursuits

The Steps to Leaps framework, created by students for students, continues to connect students to academic success, both inside and outside the classroom. The five learning pillars (well-being, leadership, impact, networks and grit) guide engagement of students in an active living and learning environment.

Read the full "Steps to Leaps continues to engage students and support their academic pursuits" article on the VPSL website (opens in new tab)

College of Engineering applies Steps to Leaps framework in continued support of student Well-being

The college of Engineering continues to strongly support student well-being. During the month of November, the College, Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC) and Steps to Leaps are conducting a student well-being survey to help guide future student well-being efforts. Engineering students should fill out the survey emailed to them on October 29 th by Dean Chiang by November 29 th.

Steps to Leaps Integrates into Academic Programs

The Steps to Leaps Everyday Applications Series, hosted by members of the Steps to Leaps steering committee, invited participants to bring examples of programs, courses and projects to working meetings to discuss how to integrate Steps to Leaps pillars into academic and social programs. The Steps to Leaps pillars include well-being, leadership, impact, networks and grit.

“The goal of this series is to unify all of the outstanding academic and social programs at the university around a consistent language,” says Zenephia Evans, associate dean of students, education and advocacy. “The Steps to Leaps pillars provide a framework that can be applied in any area of the student experience. With a consistent, common language, we can help students contextualize their areas of growth and promote ways in which they can improve their overall well-being and resiliency.”

Read the full "Steps to Leaps Integrates into Academic Programs" article on the VPSL website (opens in new window)

Congratulations To Our Very Own Dr. Louis Tay, Recognized in the 2021 Purdue Trailblazer Awards!

Dr. Louis Tay,  William C. Byham Associate Professor in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, College of Health and Human Sciences has been recognized for his research in psychology and science-based well-being programs and policies at organizational and societal levels. Dr. Tay is also the founding member of the Steps to Leaps Research Collaborative, but we know him best by his thoughtful and carefully crafted Well-Being Tips of the Week, geared towards helping students and staff with tips and advice for self-care, practicing kindness, meditation and coping with everything that we have all been experiencing this past year. Additionally, Tay will be offering a new course on Well-Being this coming fall, PSY 12300 - Beyond Mental Health: The Science of Well-Being this coming fall. 

The Purdue Trailblazer Award recognizes research that is both pioneering and innovative. Dr. Tay will receive a plaque of recognition and a monetary prize for his great efforts and body of work. Learn more about the Purdue Trailblazer Award and Dr. Tay's work in Purdue Today here.

Congrats Dr. Tay! We are so happy to congratulate you on this significant achievement and deeply appreciate your ongoing involvement with Purdue Steps to Leaps! 

Everyday Applications Series Offers Guidance On Steps to Leaps Pillars

The Steps to Leaps Everyday Applications Series continues to offer guidance and opportunities to discuss best practices on how to bolster student success through the use of a common language when interacting with students.

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