Service, Citizenship and Leadership

  • Learn about and contribute to the community through interactive service activities.
  • Enhance leadership skills.
  • Develop and practice empathy for others.
  • Practice working cooperatively with others.

The activities that fall into this category and the point values of each are indicated in the following table:

Service, Citizenship and Leadership - 4 point minimum
Activity 1 point 2 points 3 or more points
CoS YouTube video Create; 2 points per video; 2 video limit in all categories (4 point maximum)
EPICS 1 point per two hours
Intensive leadership development experience Attend
Interactive service learning in the community 1 point per two hours
Resident Assistant (RA) 10 points (intensive activity)
Science Ambassador For one year
Serve on executive board of a recognized student organization For one year
Teaching assistant; tutor 1 hour/week per semester 2 hours/week per semester 3 or more hours/week per semester
Work as student employee in campus leadership role For one year

If there is an activity in which you would like to participate that you feel meets the requirements of the LBC Certificate program but is not listed on the table, contact the administrator and ask to have it considered. The College of Science Office of Undergraduate Education reserves the right to determine whether or not an activity and/or a report earns points and how many.